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When and Where
  • 3/2/2019 11:00 AM EST
  • 12/11/2019 12:00 PM EST
  • Webinar Series
  • Group Registration | Special Pricing Available
  • Contact 518-434-0987 or Training@fasny.com

Join FASNY and VFIS for Four Live Webinars designed to help your department meet the annual OSHA Training Requirements. Please note: Weeknight classes start at 7pm and Saturday classes start at 11am. Each class is (1) hour in duration. Members $30.00 (40% discount) for the four part series - Non-Members $50.00 for the four part series.

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Firefighter Wellness and Safety: Stay in the Game / Part 1

Know your Environment, Concept of Staying Safe, Risk Management to Stay in the game and Your Health and Wellness - Dates Offered: 3/2, 3/5, and 11/6

Immediately Dangerous to Life and Safety: SCBA / Part 2

The need for PPE and an overview of its Selection, Donning and Maintenance including its Limitations, Decontamination Concerns, Need for Accountability and the use of PPE as it relates to Tool use and Safety.  - Dates offered: 3/9, 3/19, and 11/13

Immediately Dangerous to Life and Safety: PPE / Part 3

The need for SCBA and an overview of its Selection, Use and Maintenance including its Limitations and the Donning and Doffing of it, the Associated Health Risks of not using SCBA and Cancer Concerns, the identification of an IDLH Environment and the association with the NFFF Life Safety Initiatives. - Dates offered: 3/23, 4/2, and 12/4

HazCom: You Have the Right to Know / Part 4

Identification of Hazardous Operations and Environments, the need for Situational Awareness, concerns of workplace violence and situations faced, Communicable Disease Awareness and Concerns, Bloodborne Pathogens , Hazardous Materials concerns awareness and Safety Data Sheets. - Dates offered: 3/30, 4/16, and 12/11